Some Reasons Why Living in San Francisco is So Expensive!


San Francisco is a beautiful, interesting, and vibrant city. You’ll find a lot of opportunities for personal and professional growth in the city. However, living in San Francisco can also be a financial burden, especially if you are just starting out. Below are several facts that can help you understand why SF living is expensive.

High/Expensive Housing/Rent Rates


There is truth to the talk you have been hearing; San Francisco has high housing/rental rates. A 2015 report even ranked the city 3rd in the list of the United States’ most expensive urban areas. This is one reason why many young residents share their apartments and condos with roommates or housemates. This can be countered, however, by choosing your home or rental unit carefully, making sure to work within your financial means.

The Cost of Living in San Francisco is High


The city’s expensive housing/rental rate is one of the factors of its high cost of living. You pay more for the goods you purchase. You spend more for transportation. But this is precisely why many residents prefer to buy local; they’re cheaper and offer the same level of quality. The high cost of living is also one reason why a lot of residents prefer to go around the city on their bikes or through a ride-sharing service. Walking is also the preferred mode of transportation for a lot of people. Public transportation is preferred over driving private vehicles.

If You Love to Eat, San Francisco Will Rip Your Wallet Apart


San Francisco is a city surrounded by numerous dining places. These dining areas vary in theme, culinary offerings, and prices. If you love eating out, you’ll have to prepare to spend a substantial amount of money. You can always stay home and cook your food, but with the many interesting choices staring you right in the face, there will be times when you won’t be able to stop yourself from splurging some hard earned money.